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Cell phone drains fast? Mobile maintenance tips

The mobile phone consumes fast power. Most of the mobile phones have been used for two to three years. The performance starts to slow down and the power consumption becomes faster. If you are a heavy mobile phone user, you may feel it after using it for one to one and a half years. It’s

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What’s BSMI?

BSMI: Bureau of Standard Metrology and Inspection is the highest national commodity inspection agency established under the Organic Law of the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. There are many inspection items, including whether the electric capacity indicated on the battery meets the actual capacity, safety, EMC, and other related tests,

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How long can a typical mobile phone battery last?

There are many reasons why a mobile phone cannot be turned on. It may be a battery problem, a charging hole problem, or even a motherboard. However, the real problem must be waited for the maintenance engineer to exchange and test to determine the problem. First, the battery problem Eighty percent of the non-power-on problems

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