Xiaomi Redmi7 Screen Repair

小米 紅米7 螢幕維修比較圖

The owner is a super-commercial worker who accidentally broke his mobile phone while working.
However, the screen of the Xiaomi series Redmi 7 is not easy to order, but because the owner believes in Ryan and gives Ryan a longer time for ordering, Rian also quickly repaired the phone.

小米 紅米7 螢幕維修拆開背蓋

After heating first, remove the back cover

小米 紅米7 螢幕維修拆除電池

Unplug battery, power off

小米 紅米7 螢幕維修拆除壞掉螢幕

Reheat and remove the broken screen

小米 紅米7 螢幕維修完成圖

Completed, Redmi 7 is reborn again ~~