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小米 紅米 5 Plus 螢幕破裂無法顯示

The owner of the Redmi 5 Plus is a European student who has already repaired the screen in Rian before.
But I did n’t expect that when I rode my bicycle the other day, my phone accidentally flew out.😱

小米 紅米 5 Plus 移除後背蓋

Carefully remove the back cover

小米 紅米 5 Plus 測試螢幕

The bare side of the new screen. Test to see if the screen parts work properly.

小米 紅米 5 Plus 拆除壞掉螢幕

Remove the currently damaged old screen

小米 紅米 5 Plus 安裝新螢幕

New screen installation✨

小米 紅米 5 Plus 回裝其他零件

Replace the battery and other parts one after another.

小米 紅米 5 Plus 貼上保固貼紙

Attach a warranty sticker.

小米 紅米 5 Plus 螢幕維修後

Get a new student right away👏👏👏

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