Will the phone be waterproof after repair?

There are more and more mobile phones on the market with waterproof functions, but mobile phones generally rely on adhesive to achieve waterproof effects. Adhesives and adhesive strips are actually consumables. After a period of time, they will gradually deteriorate, not the lifetime of waterproofing.

In fact, as long as the mobile phone has been disassembled, even if the store is re-glued at the end, even some stores will tell you that they will re-waterproof rubber strips, waterproof rubber and the like, they must be frank with you, these actions are waterproof In fact, it does not help much, and there is bound to be a gap compared with the original one that has not been disassembled.

In fact, the mobile phone itself is not waterproof, only water-resistant, the water-resistant part refers to water splash resistance, as the rain, raindrops from the phone into the gap between the phone into the phone.

So why is it okay for someone to flush with a mobile phone?
In fact, that’s just a matter of luck!

You have found that the same unopened mobile phone is sometimes okay when thrown into the water, but the other one may be out of the bag after a little rain?

The mobile phone itself is a high-precision 3C product. It should not be exposed to rain or water, so whether it is waterproof after disassembling is open to question; the focus is on whether the mobile phone has a problem or has to be repaired. , So this puts the cart before the horse.