What’s BSMI?

BSMI: Bureau of Standard Metrology and Inspection is the highest national commodity inspection agency established under the Organic Law of the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

There are many inspection items, including whether the electric capacity indicated on the battery meets the actual capacity, safety, EMC, and other related tests, etc., to filter some bad products or inferior products purchased from Taobao. After relevant tests, Can get BSMI inspection authorization.

How do we tell if the product passed the test?


The easiest way is to see if the product has the inspection mark shown in the figure above. This symbol represents Commodity, the gap is the inspection standard, and the arrow indicates that it has passed the inspection.

The products on the market are uneven. In addition to buying products from major manufacturers, it is even more important to pass the BSMI inspection. Especially for electronic items that require high security, they must pass the BSMI certification mark inspection before they can be used. Peace of mind!