• Battery Repair $900
  • Screen Repair $4200

    Only glass Broken

  • Screen Repair $4800

    Not working or liquid damage

  • Lightning Connector $1800
  • Front Camera Repair $1500
  • Rear Camera Repair $2200
  • Audio Control and Rocker Switch Buttons $1400
  • Earpiece Speaker $1400
  • Speaker $1400
  • Wifi $1400
  • Bluetooth $1400
  • Vibrator $1400
  • Power Button $1400

Abnormal touch or LCD display

The scope includes touch abnormalities (including 3D Touch abnormalities), and the display screen has lines, black dots, yellow dots, blue dots, white light, etc., and the final status determination must be checked and confirmed by a maintenance technician.


Helloday Mobile Phone Repair provides at least 90 days of warranty.Once the malfunction or any abnormally operation is owing to the repair quality.The mobile will be guaranteed as long as the warranty sticker does not being dismantled or removed.