• Battery Repair $700
  • Screen Repair $2000

    Only glass Broken

  • Screen Repair $2400

    Not working or liquid damage

  • Lightning Connector $1400
  • Front Camera Repair $1000
  • Rear Camera Repair $1200
  • Audio Control and Rocker Switch Buttons $1000
  • Earpiece Speaker $1000
  • Speaker $1000
  • Wifi $1000
  • Bluetooth $1000
  • Vibrator $1000
  • Power Button $1000

iPhone 7 Common Fault

The PA button is grayed out, the sound is stuck, and there is no sound in the call

The most common problem with the 7 series is that the amplifying key is turned gray and cannot be pressed when making a call, the sound is stuck or there is no sound during the call, that is, there is an audio IC chip failure on the motherboard, which is in charge of all the calls. The function of the relationship can be restored as long as the IC is replaced.


Helloday Mobile Phone Repair provides at least 90 days of warranty.Once the malfunction or any abnormally operation is owing to the repair quality.The mobile will be guaranteed as long as the warranty sticker does not being dismantled or removed.