• Battery Repair $700
  • Screen Repair $1200
  • Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Cable $600
  • Front Camera Repair $600
  • Rear Camera Repair $600
  • Audio Control and Rocker Switch Buttons $600
  • Home Button Repair $600
  • Earpiece Speaker $600
  • Speaker $600
  • Wifi $600
  • Bluetooth $600
  • Vibrator $600
  • Power Button $600

iPhone 6 Common Fault

No service / searching, sim card cannot be read

The 6 series is prone to the situation that the Sim card cannot be read, because at that time, the motherboard of some manufacturers made the part of the motherboard relatively thin. As long as the motherboard is thin, the motherboard circuit is easily broken. This common problem is that the baseband bus of the motherboard is broken, so the Sim card cannot be read.


Helloday Mobile Phone Repair provides at least 90 days of warranty.Once the malfunction or any abnormally operation is owing to the repair quality.The mobile will be guaranteed as long as the warranty sticker does not being dismantled or removed.

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日安手機維修 2021 端午節休假公告

【📅 端午節公休公告 📅】

端午節6/14(星期一)、 彈性店休6/15(星期二)、 每週固定店休6/16(星期三), 三日公休,若有不便,敬請見諒。