• Battery Repair $550
  • Screen Repair $1200
  • Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Cable $500
  • Front Camera Repair $500
  • Rear Camera Repair $500
  • Audio Control and Rocker Switch Buttons $500
  • Home Button Repair $500
  • Earpiece Speaker $500
  • Speaker $500
  • Wifi $500
  • Bluetooth $500
  • Vibrator $500
  • Power Button $500

IPhone 5 Common Fault

Fast power consumption? Maybe your motherboard is leaking

Sometimes you obviously have replaced the battery with a new one, but the power consumption is still very fast, and it may even cause the phenomenon of unable to boot.
If this happens, don’t doubt that your motherboard is leaking. Next to the A6 processor, there is a small IC chip called U2. The Chinese name is called the charging management chip. Its function is to control your charging current. When this chip fails, no matter how much electricity there is outside the phone, it cannot be sent to the battery.


Helloday Mobile Phone Repair provides at least 90 days of warranty.Once the malfunction or any abnormally operation is owing to the repair quality.The mobile will be guaranteed as long as the warranty sticker does not being dismantled or removed.

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