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The Shortest Working Time Is 30 Minute.


According to the judgment of our repairman, the mobile phone has not been disassembled by others, and the malfunction or abnormality of the warranty repair item caused by the repair quality itself is within the warranty scope.

‼️ The original warranty item is invalid due to human factors (bubbling, crushing, falling, etc.) or other parts are damaged.

It takes 20-30 minutes for the iPhone series to replace the battery; it takes 60 minutes to replace the other accessories for the iPhone series. The above repair time does not represent absolute delivery time, and the detailed status is based on the scene.

The repair price of the screen glass means that only the surface glass of the screen is broken and damaged; the repair price of the screen assembly is that the display has a display function or the touch function is damaged.

The judgment range is that the touch function is damaged abnormally, the 3D Touch function is abnormal, or the display screen has lines, black dots, yellow dots, blue dots, white light, etc. The final condition judgment is based on the on-site judgment of the maintenance engineer of Rian for the case . 

The repair behavior itself will not cause data loss, but the disassembly of the mobile phone has risks. If you have important data, please make a backup of the data first. The loss of data is damaged.

According to Apple’s official announcement: “The anti-splash, water- and dust-proof features are non-permanent and may reduce the effect with daily wear and tear. Liquid damage is not covered by the warranty, but you may enjoy the rights guaranteed by consumer protection laws . “

It can be seen that the iPhone is not permanently waterproof. The waterproof effect of the mobile phone will gradually decline with normal use, and the effect of maintenance on the waterproofness of the phone is open to question.

BSMI: Bureau of Standard Metrology and Inspection is the highest national commodity inspection agency established under the Organic Law of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

There are many inspection items, including whether the electric capacity indicated on the battery meets the actual capacity, safety, EMC, and other related tests, etc., to filter some bad products or inferior products purchased from Taobao. After relevant tests, Can get BSMI inspection authorization.more

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Common iPhone damage scenarios

Battery replacement, battery expansion

When the health of the battery is less than 85%, it will feel power consumption. Below 80%, it will start to shut down from time to time. In this case, it is recommended to replace the battery to avoid short circuit of other parts due to automatic shutdown Situation.

Broken screen, unable to touch, abnormal LCD display

Screen damage is divided into only the surface glass is broken and broken, and the screen display function or touch function is damaged.

When the touch function cannot be continuous, 3D Touch cannot be used normally, or the display screen has lines, black dots, yellow dots, blue dots, white light, etc., the screen assembly can only be replaced.

Water bubble failure, do not start

There are many reasons for soaking water and not turning on the machine. First, clean the water dispenser first, and then test whether the original battery can turn on the iPhone normally. If it cannot be turned on, you need to check the motherboard to deal with the damaged part.

Charging hole does not charge properly and has poor contact

Poor contact is mostly caused by long-term accumulation of dust. If cleaning the charging hole is invalid, you must replace the tail plug cable module.

Rear camera picture shake, black picture, flash malfunction

The rear camera shake occurs in the iPhone 6s series and iPhone 8 series. When the camera is turned on, the picture will continue to shake. Changing the camera module can improve this problem.

Broken front lens and black screen when speaking

If the screen is broken and damaged at the same time, whether the front lens will be damaged will be affected, and the screen must be repaired to determine accurately. Sometimes the front glass image is caused by the broken screen glass.

If this is still the case after repairing the screen or the screen cannot be blank when talking on the phone, which causes the button to be triggered continuously, you can improve by replacing the front camera module.

Speaker is broken, silent, unable to amplify

The speaker sound is broken, it can be improved by replacing the ring speaker module. If the speaker is silent and cannot be amplified, a small part of the earpiece and the speaker are silent are the motherboard audio IC problems, and the motherboard audio IC problems are more likely to occur in the iPhone 7 series.

No sound from the handset

The earpiece whispers are mostly caused by the accumulation of dust and sweat causing the earpiece filter to be blocked. If it is not improved after cleaning, the earpiece module must be replaced. A small part of the earpiece is silent and the speaker is silent. Posted on iPhone 7 series.

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