Samsung S8 螢幕破裂

The owner is a foreigner who came to Taiwan to learn Chinese from the United States. In the process of finding a mobile phone accidentally,
Smashed the Samsung phone and rushed to here.

Samsung S8 拆除背蓋

Remove the back cover of the S8. The back cover of the S8 is made of glass. Take care when removing it.

Samsung S8 拆除上蓋

Immediately after removing the cover, the battery was visible.

Samsung S8 卸除電池

Next is the removal of the screen, which is extremely difficult to remove.
Although the screen is damaged, its integrity must be maintained.
Otherwise, the glass fragments of the screen may scratch other cables inside the phone.

Samsung S8 拆除壞損螢幕

After the demolition, the demolition was very beautiful this time with almost no damage.

Samsung S8 裝上新螢幕

Replace it with a new screen.

Samsung S8 手機螢幕測試

After the replacement, with the consent of the owner, immediately play a game to test its condition.

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