Samsung S8 關機充電錯誤狀態

Samsung S8 will show exclamation mark and water drop symbol when charging,
Indicates that the charging hole is currently in a damp state, and the tail plug module must be replaced to improve it.

Samsung S8 開機充電錯誤狀態

An error message will pop up when starting up and block the charging behavior.

Samsung S8 拆卸背蓋及相關零件

After removing the S8 back cover, then remove the protective cover, battery and so on.

Samsung S8 拆除尾插模組

Carefully remove and replace the new tail plug module.

Samsung S8 關機充電正常狀態

After the replacement, the charging status of the shutdown is normal, and the charging continues.

Samsung S8 開機充電正常狀態

Charging at boot is also normal, gratifying 😆

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