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三星 S7 更換螢幕前

The owner ’s Samsung S7 screen was broken because Samsung ’s screens were all OLED,
It is easy to spread after being injured, resulting in the screen being completely black and unable to display 😱

三星 S7 更換螢幕 拆卸後背蓋

Remove the back cover first, because this generation of S series, the back cover is pasted with colored veneer on the glass,
There will be more or less damage during the reheating stage, and this part also needs to be taken into account!

三星 S7 更換螢幕 拆卸保護蓋

After removing the back cover, remove the inner protective cover.

三星 S7 更換螢幕 拆卸電池

Remove battery power.

三星 S7 更換螢幕 測試新螢幕

Bare side screen parts, test display and touch are normal!

三星 S7 更換螢幕後

After Change😝

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