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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Screen Repair

When Grandpa’s grandson was over, Redmi Note 7 flew out like this 😱So that it can’t be displayed at all, hurry up and take care of the emergency screen repair. There is a fingerprint cable on the back cover, you need to remove the back cover carefully. Power off first, remove the battery and protective

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小米 Max3 螢幕維修 維修後完成圖

Xiaomi Max3 Screen Repair

The birthday gift from the owner ’s wife was accidentally broken by the child, and could not bear the blame of the child.But also very reluctant to give his wife the wedding commemorative gift was broken, so came to Ri’an to ask a repairman to deal with it. First remove the back cover and related

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小米 紅米 5 Plus 螢幕維修後

Xiaomi Redmi 5Plus Screen Repair

The owner of the Redmi 5 Plus is a European student who has already repaired the screen in Rian before. But I did n’t expect that when I rode my bicycle the other day, my phone accidentally flew out.😱 Carefully remove the back cover The bare side of the new screen. Test to see if

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小米 紅米7 螢幕維修比較圖

Xiaomi Redmi7 Screen Repair

The owner is a super-commercial worker who accidentally broke his mobile phone while working. However, the screen of the Xiaomi series Redmi 7 is not easy to order, but because the owner believes in Ryan and gives Ryan a longer time for ordering, Rian also quickly repaired the phone. After heating first, remove the back

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Xaiomi Mix 2s Screen Repair

After heavy rain overnight, one accidentally slipped his hands, causing Xiaomi’s phone to fall, and the upper left corner was damaged. Remove the broken screen, protective cover, and battery immediately. Install the screen to test. The repairs look like new!

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紅米 Note3 拆除背蓋

Xiaomi Redmi Note3 Screen Repair

The owner of the Redmi Note 3 pro dropped the screen, so the screen had a bad touch. After the repair, it is determined that it is a problem with the screen, and it can be improved by replacing the screen. First, you must remove the back cover of the screen. After removing the back

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