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Sony XA2+ 移除保護蓋

Sony Xperia XA2+ Screen Repair

A few days ago, it rained heavily in Tainan for two weeks, and many people’s mobile phones were soaked in water.The owner of the machine was a delivery person. After several days of running around, Sony XA2+ was not immune to LCD damage due to water seepage. First remove the back cover, and then see

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Sony XZ1 拆除並分離螢幕

Sony Xperia XZ1 Battery Repair

The Sony XZ1 phone can’t be turned on at all. There are many reasons why it can’t be turned on. Most of them are due to the sudden death of the battery, and a few are due to motherboard or system problems. Usually, you need to replace the battery exchange test. Because XZ1 is removed

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Sony XA Ultra 螢幕維修 比較圖

Sony XA Ultra Screen and Charging port Repair

Sony XA Ultra screen repair, phone screen functionality is normal, But the glass shattered, almost every time I touched the screen, I hurt my finger, so I could n’t help replacing it. The charging hole also has abnormal contact. Replace it together. Almost broken screen, now goodbye. First remove the back cover of the phone

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium 安裝螢幕

Sony Xperia XZP Screen Repair

XZP first remove the back cover by heating, and immediately see the battery and motherboard part. Remove the battery part Then remove the part of the motherboard Then reheat the screen to remove the screen Test screen reinstallation

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Sony Xperia X 拆除電池

Sony Xperia X Battery And Charging Connector Repair

The main cover of the unit is slightly opened, and the battery can be seen from the gap. In addition, there is a problem that the charging hole cannot be charged. First remove the back cover to see the expanded battery. When the battery is removed, it can be seen that the battery has seriously

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Sony XZ 電池膨脹

Sony Xperia XZ Battery Repair

The main screen of the aircraft is slightly opened, and the maintenance technician determines that the battery is inflated. Because Xperia XZ needs to be disassembled from the screen, the screen cable may be damaged during the process. As you can see from the side, the XZ’s screen panel has been slightly raised. Remove the

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