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Samsung A20 移除主機板

Samsung T3777 Screen Repair

T3777 is a small tablet released by Samsung in 2016. At the time, it had high battery life and high picture quality, and it also supported general calls.The owners of word processing such as Microsoft are nostalgic,It is said that the nokia 3310 that he bought back then is still perfectly preserved. This time the

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三星 S10+ 卸除電池

Samsung S10+ Screen Repair

The glass in the lower right corner of the Samsung S10+ is broken, causing the touch response to be abnormal, and the screen needs to be replaced.This model is a curved screen. In order to make the screen and the frame better fit, it will be replaced with the original frame. Samsung S10+ remove the

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Samsung 三星 A70 拆卸螢幕中框保護蓋

Samsung A70 Screen Repair

Today we are going to repair the most powerful elder machine in 2019, Samsung Samsung A70, with big screen, loud sound and affordable price.It is said that the proprietress bought one to honor her mother last year, and she still praises her. The owner also helped the elders to repair their mobile phones. After all,

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Samsung A20 移除主機板

Samsung A20 Screen Repair

The affordable representative of the Samsung A series family, the A20, although it is a mid-range machine, it is also a screen made of OLED material.As long as the liquid crystal is damaged by a slight collision, the liquid crystal will spread quickly. Therefore, the mobile phone using OLED material for the mobile phone screen,We

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Samsung S8+ 移除電池跟主機板

Samsung S8+ Screen Repair

Because of the crash, there is a small black spot in the Samsung S8+, but the embarrassing thing is that the owner is a person with OCD.Although Japan’s various parties advised to retreat, if this does not affect the use, it is actually okay, otherwise Samsung’s screen replacement cost is high, but the retreat fails,

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Samsung S8 關機充電錯誤狀態

Samsung S8 Charging Connector Repair Case

Samsung S8 will show exclamation mark and water drop symbol when charging,Indicates that the charging hole is currently in a damp state, and the tail plug module must be replaced to improve it. An error message will pop up when starting up and block the charging behavior. After removing the S8 back cover, then remove

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三星 S7 更換螢幕 測試新螢幕

Samsung S7 Screen Repair Case

The owner ’s Samsung S7 screen was broken because Samsung ’s screens were all OLED, It is easy to spread after being injured, resulting in the screen being completely black and unable to display 😱 Remove the back cover first, because this generation of S series, the back cover is pasted with colored veneer on

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samsung T285 平板維修前,玻璃破裂,螢幕無法顯示

Samsung T285 Pad Screen Repair

The owner ’s business jet was damaged, but because it was used by the company, if it was sent to the original factory, Samsung repair was very expensive, because the owner came to here for repair. Remove the broken screen first. Then carefully remove the T285 motherboard. Done, the owner is happy to return the

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Samsung S8 手機螢幕測試

Samsung S8 Screen Repair

The owner is a foreigner who came to Taiwan to learn Chinese from the United States. In the process of finding a mobile phone accidentally, Smashed the Samsung phone and rushed to here. Remove the back cover of the S8. The back cover of the S8 is made of glass. Take care when removing it.

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三星 Note 5 維修

Samsung Note 5 Battery Repair

Date:2018 – 5 – 12 Damage condition:Fast battery drain, automatic shutdown on low battery ※ Warning: Replacing the battery requires heating and removing the back cover, but some Samsung series back covers are made of glass. The primer has a risk of falling off. This is not a lack of maintenance. Please measure more before

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