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OPPO AX7 移除主機板保護蓋

OPPO AX7 Screen Repair

The OPPO AX7 mobile phone is broken and the LCD is damaged, showing a picture of colored lines, it is absolutely impossible to operate it wrongly.It happened that the store was in stock, and the owner made an immediate decision to repair it immediately. Take care of the fingerprint cable when removing the back cover.

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OPPO Reno 4 Pro 測試螢幕

OPPO Reno 4 Pro Screen Repair

The phone of OPPO Reno4 Pro was dropped and the LCD was damaged and there was no picture at all, but there was still sound.Because the unit price of the screen is high, it needs to be ordered. Fortunately, the owner still has a spare machine to use, so he kept the machine to order

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OPPO Reno 2z 測試螢幕零件狀態

OPPO Reno 2z Screen Repair

As long as the corners of the OLED screen are tapped, the liquid crystal will spread to the screen completely black.Although the screen is detailed, it is the deadly nemesis of the handicapped party, even the cheap OPPO Reno 2z is no exception 😭 Remove the back cover, you can see the NFC sensor sheet,

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OPPO R15 拆除損壞螢幕

OPPO R15 Screen repair case

The screen of OPPO R15 is broken and the screen is not displayed at all. The customer is a business that runs outside all day. Although there is a backup machine, valuable information is in it and urgent repair is needed! Remove the back cover first Power off first, remove the battery and other cables

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Oppo R9s Plus 螢幕測試

OPPO R9s Plus Screen Repair

OPPO R9s Plus,This customer is in here for the second time repair,Because the drink accidentally tipped over the phone,When he wanted to remove the phone case, he slipped his hands.😨 OPPO R9s Plus series starts from the back cover first. Remove Sim card slot and memory card Remove trivial screws, parts, and batteries. Remove old

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