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apple iphone 12 移除電池保護蓋

Apple iPhone 12 Screen Repair

The iPhone 12 starts to use right-angle bezel, which is a beautiful tribute to iPhone 5s.But at the same time, it also causes easy damage after falling and shaking, and also increases the difficulty of repair.

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Apple iPhone 8 螢幕維修,拆除破損螢幕

Apple iPhone 8 Screen Repair

The owner of the phone is a sweaty person. He often breaks the phone and replaces it as soon as he falls.This is the third mobile phone he has broken in the past six months, but his purse is limited in size, so he has to come and ask us to deal with it. The

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iphone 11 螢幕維修封面圖

iPhone 11 Screen Repair Case

Owner bought the new iPhone 11 not long ago, because the owner pulled the charging cable and caused a heavy fall. A terrible black line appeared in the middle of the screen. After coming to Good Day, it will be handled within 30 minutes! Turn off the machine first and remove the bottom screw. Open

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iPhone X 移除保護蓋

iPhone X Screen Repair Case

The owner of the iPhone X fell to the floor because of the charging cable, In addition to the broken glass that cannot be touched, the display screen also has strange white lines. Open the screen The lens is pasted with insulating tape. Starting with the iPhone X, infrared sensors are prone to short circuits

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第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,移除保護蓋。

iPad pro 1st battery repair

The first generation of iPad Pro 12.9 is really very big. From 2015 to the present, The owner has not changed the battery, and now the tablet has become very power-hungry. Open the screen first, because it’s a big one,you need to be careful when removing the screen. Then remove the protective cover above, and

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iPhone 6s 電池膨脹維修案例

iPhone 6s Battery Swelling

The owner of this case, the mobile phone battery has been supporting the fourth year for more than three years. It turned out that the battery was swollen and the screen was seriously deformed. Hurry up and take it to here. The screen below is slightly open. If the battery continues to deform, The swollen

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IPad 5 touch screen repair

iPad 5 touched the screen for repair, because the owner accidentally fell on the beloved ipad, and his heart was very anxious. Because the display screen and the touch screen of the iPad are separated, the owner is comforted a little. Please do n’t worry too much because the display is normal, so the amount

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iphone 6s plus 容量擴充

IPhone 6s Plus Add Hard Disk Content

The owner is a newly-produced mother. Because the capacity of the phone is not enough for photos of baby, I hope to expand the capacity so that he can be full of love and memories. iPhone capacity expansion is limited by how much up to his model Capacity, Ryan often meets cute guests and asks

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iPhone 6s plus 螢幕破裂示意圖

IPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair Case

Accident: When the owner rides the bicycle, the iPhone 6s Plus accidentally flew out due to the hole in the floor, resulting in rupture. Status: The top left of the screen is broken and the display is abnormal. Solution: Because the display is abnormal, the screen assembly must be replaced.

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