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HTC U20 5G 移除損壞螢幕

HTC U20 5G Screen Repair

HTC U20 5G is a 5G mobile phone released by HTC last September. It is one of the few new models released after HTC was merged by Google.It is equipped with a 6.8-inch FHD+ “Drill Hole” screen, which is often compared with Samsung A71 5G, which has a similar screen size. After removing the back

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HTC U11 充電孔燒熔

HTC U11 Charging Port Repair

After taking a nap, the owner found that the HTC U11 phone had a peculiar smell and felt hot when he touched the charging cable. So he hurriedly unplugged the charging plug, because the phone was running out of power, and came to Japan to do repairs and tests urgently and found that the charging

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HTC U11 螢幕維修 封面圖

HTC U11 Screen Repair

This HTC U11 screen repair case is very special. My dad, who usually doesn’t drop his phone, fell to his phone during the graduation ceremony.The daughter’s precious photos are all in it. I’m really nervous because I’m afraid that I might get lost if I fall on the motherboard! First remove the back cover of

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HTC U12 Plus .開機確認無其餘隱形問題

HTC U12 Plus Screen Repair

HTC U12 Plus, after the screen broke, the glass fragments hurt the hands very much.The owner paid the money and immediately ordered the screen. When removing the back cover of the U12 Plus, be very careful with the fingerprint cable (the cable is super long!) Immediately after removing the battery, speaker, and charging cable, so

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HTC U ultra 充電孔燒焦

HTC U Ultra Charging Connector Burning

The owner came to the store and said that the U ultra mobile phone could not be charged, and it would not be able to charge when it was charged to a certain level. The counter immediately detected the charging current. At a glance, the current actually had six amps, and then a slight scorch

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HTC M10 Battery Repair

The battery of HTC 10 series mobile phones is difficult to remove, and you need to find the gap entry point from the front of the screen. If the entry point is wrong, too deep may hurt the bottom cable. If it is too shallow, it will separate the touch screen and the display screen,

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