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apple iphone 12 移除電池保護蓋

Apple iPhone 12 Screen Repair

The iPhone 12 starts to use right-angle bezel, which is a beautiful tribute to iPhone 5s.But at the same time, it also causes easy damage after falling and shaking, and also increases the difficulty of repair.

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OPPO AX7 移除主機板保護蓋

OPPO AX7 Screen Repair

The OPPO AX7 mobile phone is broken and the LCD is damaged, showing a picture of colored lines, it is absolutely impossible to operate it wrongly.It happened that the store was in stock, and the owner made an immediate decision to repair it immediately. Take care of the fingerprint cable when removing the back cover.

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Huawei P30 Screen Repair

Huawei has launched fewer new models in Taiwan due to political factors in the past few years.But the P series and Mate series still have many supporters,If well protected, these two series of mobile phones can still be used today.The owner fell on the screen, the screen was damaged, and the screen was completely black.

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OPPO Reno 4 Pro 測試螢幕

OPPO Reno 4 Pro Screen Repair

The phone of OPPO Reno4 Pro was dropped and the LCD was damaged and there was no picture at all, but there was still sound.Because the unit price of the screen is high, it needs to be ordered. Fortunately, the owner still has a spare machine to use, so he kept the machine to order

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ASUS ZS660KL 移除中框

ASUS ASUS ROG Phone II(ZS660KL)Screen Repair

ASUS ROG Phone is the second-generation gaming phone launched by ASUS before. Compared with the first generation, in addition to improving the power consumption situation,The CPU has also been significantly improved, but the screen is still made of OLED material. I am afraid that the main screen will not display after a heavy fall. Remove

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HTC U20 5G 移除損壞螢幕

HTC U20 5G Screen Repair

HTC U20 5G is a 5G mobile phone released by HTC last September. It is one of the few new models released after HTC was merged by Google.It is equipped with a 6.8-inch FHD+ “Drill Hole” screen, which is often compared with Samsung A71 5G, which has a similar screen size. After removing the back

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Sony XA2+ 移除保護蓋

Sony Xperia XA2+ Screen Repair

A few days ago, it rained heavily in Tainan for two weeks, and many people’s mobile phones were soaked in water.The owner of the machine was a delivery person. After several days of running around, Sony XA2+ was not immune to LCD damage due to water seepage. First remove the back cover, and then see

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Samsung A20 移除主機板

Samsung T3777 Screen Repair

T3777 is a small tablet released by Samsung in 2016. At the time, it had high battery life and high picture quality, and it also supported general calls.The owners of word processing such as Microsoft are nostalgic,It is said that the nokia 3310 that he bought back then is still perfectly preserved. This time the

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ASUS 華碩 Zenfone 6 ZS630KL 螢幕測試

ASUS Zenfone6(ZS630KL)Screen Repair

The owner and a friend came to the city for a meal, but they accidentally fell down. Fortunately, someone was injured, but the phone was broken and could not be displayed.The phone vibrates and sounds. The initial judgment is that the screen is damaged, but it still needs actual testing to confirm. Open the back

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HTC U11 充電孔燒熔

HTC U11 Charging Port Repair

After taking a nap, the owner found that the HTC U11 phone had a peculiar smell and felt hot when he touched the charging cable. So he hurriedly unplugged the charging plug, because the phone was running out of power, and came to Japan to do repairs and tests urgently and found that the charging

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