6 first-aid ways to soak your phone in your phone!

What should I do if my phone is soaking up water? Nowadays, people are becoming more and more dependent on smart phones. Especially in recent years, smart phones have gradually introduced waterproof functions, but the waterproof effect is still limited, because most people do not know that the waterproof effect of mobile phones is not permanently saved, but there are always in life. When I missed it a few times, when the machine fell into the water, it was even more panic. There are many methods in the room, including blowing hair dryers, putting rice cylinders, etc. What should we do if the beloved mobile phone soaks and enters water How about it? Ryan proposes the best solution we think!

Six First Aid Methods for Soaking Mobile Phones in Water

The first step is to leave the water

No matter what kind of liquid (beverage, sea water, toilet water, tap water, essential oil, mosquito repellent, etc.), the first thing is to keep the mobile phone away from the water source. I encountered a customer who was contaminated by the beloved mobile phone. For other liquids, take your mobile phone to flush water, hoping to remove some residual materials, but this is wrong, and will make the condition of the mobile phone more and more serious! Keep your phone away from water.

Step two, stay away from power

If the phone automatically shuts down due to the phone’s soaking in water, do not turn it on again, because there is residual moisture in the phone. If you turn it on arbitrarily and let the phone trigger other parts, it is likely to cause short-circuit damage to the parts.
In addition, do not charge, this is the same reason as starting.

The third step is to remove all accessories and dry the phone

To remove the SIM card, phone case, earphones, charging cable, etc., to keep the phone airy and dry, wipe the phone with a cotton swab as much as possible, including the charging hole, earphone hole, card slot, etc. Let it go.

Step 4.Use a dehumidifier or desiccant

If there is no mobile phone repair shop nearby that can handle it immediately, you can pad a kitchen towel under the mobile phone and turn on a dehumidifier to allow the mobile phone’s moisture to evaporate quickly; or put the desiccant and mobile phone in a zipper bag to vacuum (or squeeze air) to seal , Let the desiccant quickly absorb the water in the phone.

Step 5. Use a “dry air” blow dryer

If you do not have a dehumidifier or desiccant in your home, you can lay the phone flat and use the cold wind of a hair dryer. Remember not to use hot air, because hot air may damage the internal electronic components.

Step 6. Take it to a nearby repair shop for professional treatment.

Even if the hair dryer has been blowing for a long time, it looks like there is no problem. Please do not turn on or charge it. You should take it to a nearby repair shop immediately. Ask the repairman to remove the screen because the surface looks dry, but the inside of the phone is airtight. Water will remain.

When repairing, you must tell the repair shop about the current situation of the opportunity, so that the maintenance engineer can understand the situation at the time. Most repair shops will charge cleaning and inspection fees. This depends on the price of the nearby repair shops. Prices vary, so be sure to ask before disassembling.

Sum up

Most of the 3C products now claim to be waterproof, but taking the iPhone product of APPLE as an example, they issued an announcement on November 5, 2018, and the excerpt is as follows:

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max meet the IP68 rating of IEC 60529 (up to 30 minutes in the deepest 2 meters of water). iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus meet the IP67 rating of IEC 60529 (up to 30 minutes in the deepest 1 meter water). The anti-splash, water-proof and dust-proof functions are non-permanent and may reduce the effect with the wear and tear caused by daily use. Liquid damage is not covered by the warranty.

————About the splash-proof, water-proof and dust-proof functions of iPhone 7 and later models

It can be known that the waterproof function of the mobile phone is not permanently maintained. Over time, the internal parts of the mobile phone will gradually lose its waterproof function. Therefore, maintain good usage habits, for example, do not use the mobile phone when wet hands or in the bathroom, to prevent the phone from getting wet, or use the waterproof bag of the mobile phone when going to the sea water to prevent baby from entering the machine.

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