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Oppo R9s Plus 螢幕損壞

OPPO R9s Plus,This customer is in here for the second time repair,
Because the drink accidentally tipped over the phone,
When he wanted to remove the phone case, he slipped his hands.😨

Oppo R9s Plus 移除後背蓋

OPPO R9s Plus series starts from the back cover first.

Oppo R9s Plus 拆除 sim 卡零件

Remove Sim card slot and memory card

Oppo R9s Plus 拆除螺絲配件

Remove trivial screws, parts, and batteries.

Oppo R9s Plus 拆除損壞螢幕

Remove old and damaged screens

Oppo R9s Plus 螢幕測試

Connect the new screen test, OK!

Oppo R9s Plus 貼上保固貼紙

Attach a warranty sticker

Oppo R9s Plus 安裝螢幕

Screen reinstall is complete.

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