OPPO R15 Screen repair case

OPPO R15 螢幕破損

The screen of OPPO R15 is broken and the screen is not displayed at all.
The customer is a business that runs outside all day.
Although there is a backup machine, valuable information is in it and urgent repair is needed!

OPPO R15 拆除背蓋

Remove the back cover first

OPPO R15 拆除電池

Power off first, remove the battery and other cables

OPPO R15 拆除損壞螢幕

Remove the broken screen

OPPO R15 安裝新螢幕

Install new screen

OPPO R15 安裝配件

Reassembly cable

OPPO R15 安裝電池

Install the battery

OPPO R15 測試新螢幕

Test screen status

OPPO R15 貼上保固貼紙

Confirm that the new screen is functioning properly and attach a warranty sticker.

OPPO R15 貼上背蓋

Install the fingerprint cable and close the back cover

OPPO R15 測試功能

Final total functional test

OPPO R15 壓合

Press back cover