iPhone X 螢幕摔傷

The owner of the iPhone X fell to the floor because of the charging cable,
In addition to the broken glass that cannot be touched, the display screen also has strange white lines.

iPhone X 開啟螢幕

Open the screen

iPhone X 貼上絕緣膠帶

The lens is pasted with insulating tape. Starting with the iPhone X,
infrared sensors are prone to short circuits due to static electricity.

iPhone X 移除保護蓋

Remove the protective cover from the screen cable

iPhone X 拆除老舊螢幕

Remove the broken screen

iPhone X 移除聽筒

Remove the handset carefully

iPhone X 螢幕測試

Test screen functionality

iPhone X 貼上保固貼紙

Attach a warranty sticker

iPhone X 貼上保固貼紙

Carefully remove the insulating tape

iPhone X 更換螢幕後

Done, the beloved iPhone is back to life ^ _ ^

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