iPhone 6s 電池膨脹維修案例
iPhone 6s 電池膨脹

The owner of this case, the mobile phone battery has been supporting the fourth year for more than three years.
It turned out that the battery was swollen and the screen was seriously deformed. Hurry up and take it to here.

iPhone 6s 電池膨脹

The screen below is slightly open. If the battery continues to deform,
The swollen battery may press the screen and cause damage.

iPhone 6s 更換電池後

Fortunately, the owner swelled to here soon, but the screen was not damaged.
And after changing the battery, the phone is completely new.

iPhone 6s 更換電池後

Because the current mobile phones are detachable,
it is relatively difficult to detect the condition of the battery.
As long as you notice a slight bulge in the middle of the phone,
you can take it to a nearby repair shop to check the status.

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