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第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,移除保護蓋。

The first generation of iPad Pro 12.9 is really very big. From 2015 to the present,
The owner has not changed the battery, and now the tablet has become very power-hungry.

第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,移除螢幕。

Open the screen first, because it’s a big one,
you need to be careful when removing the screen.

第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,移除保護蓋。

Then remove the protective cover above,
and see that the iPad Pro battery is also a large one

第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,斷電。

Then power off the battery,
otherwise it is easy to cause short circuit of other parts during the repair process.

第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,移除主機板。

Carefully remove the motherboard

第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,移除舊電池。

Remove the old battery

第一代 ipad pro 12.9 更換電池,更換完成。

Replace the new battery, motherboard, and protective cover in order.
The owner is a health-conscious person, and has always protected his eyes with the night vision mode.

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