Huawei Nova 3i could not boot because the phone dropped to the toilet.
After the rescue, the screen still cannot be displayed.
After questioning, I learned that the owner had recharged the phone before coming to Rian.
When the phone’s soaking water is not cleaned inside, don’t rush it on and charge.

華為 nova 3i 卸除 sim 卡及其他外配

Remove Sim Card, SD Card, etc.

華為 nova 3i 移除後背蓋

Remove the back cover, be careful of the fingerprint cable here,
and rashly disassemble, the fingerprint cable is easily broken.

華為 nova 3i 拆卸指紋排線

Carefully remove the fingerprint cable

華為 nova 3i 移除電池

Remove the battery and protective cover

華為 nova 3i 移除老舊螢幕

Remove the damaged screen

華為 nova 3i 新裝螢幕測試


華為 nova 3i 回裝配件

Reinstall other accessories.

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