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華為 Nova 2i 更換電池 比較圖

The owner ’s Huawei Nova2i phone has been in the holster for a long time.
I did not notice that the battery was inflated and the situation was very serious.
The screen even splits! It’s like carrying an unexploded bomb with you.

華為 Nova 2i 更換電池前正面圖

The lower edge of the screen, the display screen and the touch screen, are almost separated by the battery.

華為 Nova 2i 更換電池前側面圖

Even more amazing from the side, the screen floats out.

華為 Nova 2i 更換電池後正面圖

After repair, the screen is flat.

華為 Nova 2i 更換電池後側面圖

The side screen is also very neat!

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