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華為 mate 20 pro 維修前 螢幕破損

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, this model is a OLED screen process, so it is very fragile,
the owner can’t open the screen after the crash,
and fortunately, Good Day can be repaired immediately, and give him a new picture.

華為 mate 20 pro 移除背蓋

Since the back cover is also made of glass,
you must be very careful when removing it,
and you can see the motherboard after it is removed.

華為 mate 20 pro 更換電池

The owner wants to change the battery by the way,
so prepare a new battery to prepare.

華為 mate 20 pro 移除保護蓋

Then remove the card slot and motherboard

華為 mate 20 pro 拆除破損螢幕

Then remove the damaged screen.

華為 mate 20 pro 安裝新螢幕

Install a new screen, confirm that the screen is ok,
and then start the reinstallation work.

華為 mate 20 pro 貼上保固貼紙

Reinstall the motherboard, battery and protective cover one by one.

華為 mate 20 pro 維修後

Test the condition of the mobile phone screen again and call for recycling.

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