The owner came to the store and said that the U ultra mobile phone could not be charged, and it would not be able to charge when it was charged to a certain level.
The counter immediately detected the charging current. At a glance, the current actually had six amps, and then a slight scorch came from the charging hole.

I want to remind everyone that as long as the connector of the charging transmission line is obviously hot, pull it out quickly. As a result, the charging transmission line will be reimbursed. The point is that it may cause fire and cause danger! !!

The charging line at the counter was reimbursed immediately. The owner said that his fast charging line was burned like this (brother told me earlier next time T___T

It will definitely be unusable when it is burned. The repairman will immediately replace the tail plug cable. Because the owner uses a battery that has not been changed for two or three years, and Rian also replaced the battery, the charging function is immediately normal.

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