HTC U20 5G Screen Repair

HTC U20 5G 維修前
Before HTC U20 5G repair

HTC U20 5G is a 5G mobile phone released by HTC last September. It is one of the few new models released after HTC was merged by Google.
It is equipped with a 6.8-inch FHD+ “Drill Hole” screen, which is often compared with Samsung A71 5G, which has a similar screen size.

HTC U20 5G 移除背蓋
HTC U20 5G back cover removed

After removing the back cover, what you see is the motherboard protective cover, battery, and charging cable.

HTC U20 5G 移除主板保護蓋
HTC U20 5G remove the motherboard protective cover

Then remove the protective cover and fingerprint cable, which is the main body of the motherboard.

HTC U20 5G 移除電池
HTC U20 5G battery removal

Carefully remove the battery and charging cable, and then remove the damaged screen.

HTC U20 5G 移除損壞螢幕
HTC U20 5G removes broken screen

In addition to removing the broken screen, the side glue needs to be cleaned up, and it will be completely sealed in the next installation.

HTC U20 5G 測試螢幕
HTC U20 5G test screen

Since the screen cable is relatively short, the test can only be performed after the broken screen is removed.

HTC U20 5G 安裝新螢幕
HTC U20 5G installs a new screen

The test is normal, and the new screen is installed.

HTC U20 5G 安裝主板保護蓋
HTC U20 5G to install the motherboard protective cover

After installation, reinstall the battery, protective cover, fingerprint cable, etc.

HTC U20 5G 安裝背蓋
HTC U20 5G back cover

Replace the back cover.

HTC U20 5G 維修後
After HTC U20 5G is repaired

The repairs are complete and done 👍