HTC U12 Plus .開機確認無其餘隱形問題

HTC U12 Plus, after the screen broke, the glass fragments hurt the hands very much.
The owner paid the money and immediately ordered the screen.

HTC U12 Plus 移除後背蓋

When removing the back cover of the U12 Plus,
be very careful with the fingerprint cable (the cable is super long!)

HTC U12 Plus 移除電池、喇叭及充電排線

Immediately after removing the battery, speaker, and charging cable,
so many things can be removed, and finally the screen can be removed.

HTC U12 Plus 拆卸劣化螢幕

Remove screen (clean)

HTC U12 Plus 上螢幕及扣上新排線

After removing the old screen, then attach the cable to the new screen.

HTC U12 Plus 回裝原本配件

Replace the battery, speaker, and charging cable you just installed.

HTC U12 Plus 貼上保固貼紙

Finally, attach the warranty sticker and back cover, and you’re done!
Because the owner is in a hurry to leave, it ’s a pity that the new U12 Plus screen is too late to take a picture. T___T

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