How long can a typical mobile phone battery last?

There are many reasons why a mobile phone cannot be turned on. It may be a battery problem, a charging hole problem, or even a motherboard. However, the real problem must be waited for the maintenance engineer to exchange and test to determine the problem.

First, the battery problem

Eighty percent of the non-power-on problems can be improved after replacing the battery. Often, the owner of the phone has to switch off the old phone for a long time because of the replacement of the new phone. Suddenly the new phone will be used one day or it will be used by relatives and friends With a mobile phone, the old one won’t turn on at all.

If the lithium battery is not used for a long time, it is likely to cause deterioration of the chemical substances inside the battery.

Second, the charging hole problem

The problem with the charging hole is better when the battery is suddenly unable to be charged, but the phone continues to consume power.

Third, system problems

After the battery and charging hole are exchanged and tested, if it still cannot be turned on, it is most likely a system problem. At this time, the customer will be asked to re-flash the machine again.

Fourth, system problems

If all the above methods have been tried and still cannot be solved, the big reason is the relationship between the motherboard. At this time, the owner should ask the owner to consider the value of the data in the phone or the residual value of the phone. Is it cost-effective to repair the motherboard .