Cell phone drains fast? Mobile maintenance tips

The mobile phone consumes fast power. Most of the mobile phones have been used for two to three years. The performance starts to slow down and the power consumption becomes faster. If you are a heavy mobile phone user, you may feel it after using it for one to one and a half years. It’s going to break down and can’t run, but it’s just because the battery is aging, because the mobile phone needs to consume power while running the application, but because of the aging of the battery, the available power is limited, and the operation of the application will be affected.

iPhone is designed to provide an easy-to-use experience. This can only be achieved by combining advanced technology and precision engineering. One of the important technical areas is battery and efficiency. Battery is a complex technology, and battery performance and related iPhone performance involve many variables. All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan, so capacity and performance will eventually decrease one day and they will need to be replaced at that time. As the battery ages, the performance of the iPhone may be affected. We’ve written this article specifically for interested parties to learn more about it.

Extracted from the official website of Apple Inc.-iPhone battery and performance

Extracted from the official website of American Apple Inc.-iPhone battery and performancea. For iPhone, American Apple has publicly stated that the performance of iPhone may be affected as the battery ages. What should I do to reduce the rate of battery aging?

Why does my phone consume power fast?

Before we understand that mobile phones consume fast power, we need to know that most smart phone batteries are now lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have the function of charging and discharging. So how do mobile phones charge and discharge?


The middle school teacher has taught us that electricity has positive and negative electrodes. There are tens of thousands of electric ions in lithium batteries. We call them lithium ions, so as long as lithium ions run from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, the charging effect can be achieved.


In contrast, lithium ions run from the negative electrode to the positive electrode, which is the discharge state.


After a long time of charging and discharging, the lithium ions in the battery will age and die, and cannot enter the state of charge and discharge. The number of lithium ions that can be used in the battery is limited. As the time changes, the more the number of necrosis, the faster the power consumption will follow. However, if there are people who pay attention to the charging of mobile phones, they will It is found that mobile phones are charging faster and faster.

How do we care for the battery?

First, avoid leaving the battery low for a long time, or even shut down

The mobile phone is a lithium battery. It is recommended that you do not run out of power when discharging. Below 20% will affect the chemical activity of the internal battery, which will hurt the battery.

Second, avoid using fast charging chargers from unknown sources

Using an unknown fast charge charger, the accompanying high current and high power will cause the battery to heat up during charging, because of the undetected relationship, the abnormal high temperature organic rate will damage the battery.

Third, use high-performance applications while charging

The same principle as above, while using high-performance programs while charging, such as real-time strategy games, opening video, etc., will leave the battery in an abnormally high temperature state, which will accelerate the battery aging.

Then I heard that the battery can not be charged when it is fully charged, otherwise the battery will break down?


This concept is wrong. Simply remember one principle: Lithium batteries are not afraid of you being overcharged, you are afraid of not being charged.
When the battery is below 70%, fast charging will occur; while between 70% and 80%, the charging current will gradually decrease; at 80%, a trickle state will occur, at which time the mobile phone will be slowly charged; wait for charging to 100 % Of the time, the mobile phone will have a safety protection mechanism, it will not take more power than it can bear, so don’t worry about the battery overcharging problem.

Come on, do a battery health check!

Suddenly it seems that it is easy to lose power recently. How do we know how worried we are? Or should I really change the battery?


The life cycle of a lithium battery is generally about 500 to 1,000 times. It is recommended that Ryan batteries be replaced more than 500 times.

Battery health

Suppose you are a user of iOS 11.3.1 or later, you can view the current status of the battery from Settings> Battery> Battery Health. Usually, you can consider changing the battery if the health is below 85%. It depends on your demand for power storage.

The health is 80% or even below 80%. Ryan strongly recommends that you replace the battery because the battery is in a bad state and there is a certain chance that the phone will automatically shut down. When the automatic shutdown occurs, the host may be The board or other internal parts are shorted.

Is the original battery better than the auxiliary battery?

If the mobile phone is still under warranty, it is of course best to return to the original factory to replace the battery, just like the car is still under warranty, and to return to the original factory to replace parts is of course to return to the original factory, because during the warranty period, if other materials have Questions can be replaced at the same time, but once the warranty is over, the burden of replacing original parts is relatively large. Will the replacement parts of the subsidiary be worse than the original? That’s where opinions differ.

The quality of the battery in the subsidiary factory depends on the manufacturer, but no matter which manufacturer, the battery replaced in the workshop must be selected from Taiwan’s highest safety inspection, BSMI certification by the Standards Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the inspection bureau will test multiple items, such as batteries Is the capacity true? Is this battery safe enough? And so on.

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