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More Than 500 Recommendations

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Repair Case

iphone 11 螢幕維修封面圖
iPhone Repair Case

iPhone 11 Screen Repair Case

Owner bought the new iPhone 11 not long ago, because the owner pulled the charging cable and caused a heavy fall. A terrible black line appeared in the middle of the screen. After coming to Good Day, it will be

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Sony XZ1 拆除並分離螢幕
Repair Case

Sony Xperia XZ1 Battery Repair

The Sony XZ1 phone can’t be turned on at all. There are many reasons why it can’t be turned on. Most of them are due to the sudden death of the battery, and a few are due to motherboard or

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HTC U11 螢幕維修 封面圖
HTC Repair Case

HTC U11 Screen Repair

This HTC U11 screen repair case is very special. My dad, who usually doesn’t drop his phone, fell to his phone during the graduation ceremony.The daughter’s precious photos are all in it. I’m really nervous because I’m afraid that I

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Samsung S8+ 移除電池跟主機板
Repair Case

Samsung S8+ Screen Repair

Because of the crash, there is a small black spot in the Samsung S8+, but the embarrassing thing is that the owner is a person with OCD.Although Japan’s various parties advised to retreat, if this does not affect the use,

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Asus 華碩 Zenfone ROG Phone ZS600KL 移除主機板
Asus Repair Case

ASUS ROG Phone(ZS600KL)Screen Repair Case

ASUS ROG Phone is the first e-sports phone launched by ASUS,The screen is not displayed after the owner crashes. This phone has a more complicated structure, but it can still be repaired successfully. Remove the back cover. The back cover

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華為 nova 3i 移除老舊螢幕
Huawei Repair Case

Huawei Mate 20 Screen Repair Case

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the owner can’t open the screen after the crash, and fortunately, Good Day can be repaired immediately, and give him a new picture. Since the back cover is also made of glass, you must be very

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