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More Than 500 Recommendations

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Repair Case

HTC U11 充電孔燒熔
HTC Repair Case

HTC U11 Charging Port Repair

After taking a nap, the owner found that the HTC U11 phone had a peculiar smell and felt hot when he touched the charging cable. So he hurriedly unplugged the charging plug, because the phone was running out of power,

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Screen Repair

When Grandpa’s grandson was over, Redmi Note 7 flew out like this 😱So that it can’t be displayed at all, hurry up and take care of the emergency screen repair. There is a fingerprint cable on the back cover, you

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三星 S10+ 卸除電池
Repair Case

Samsung S10+ Screen Repair

The glass in the lower right corner of the Samsung S10+ is broken, causing the touch response to be abnormal, and the screen needs to be replaced.This model is a curved screen. In order to make the screen and the

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OPPO Reno 2z 測試螢幕零件狀態
OPPO Repair Case

OPPO Reno 2z Screen Repair

As long as the corners of the OLED screen are tapped, the liquid crystal will spread to the screen completely black.Although the screen is detailed, it is the deadly nemesis of the handicapped party, even the cheap OPPO Reno 2z

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Samsung 三星 A70 拆卸螢幕中框保護蓋
Repair Case

Samsung A70 Screen Repair

Today we are going to repair the most powerful elder machine in 2019, Samsung Samsung A70, with big screen, loud sound and affordable price.It is said that the proprietress bought one to honor her mother last year, and she still

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Apple iPhone 8 螢幕維修,拆除破損螢幕
iPhone Repair Case

Apple iPhone 8 Screen Repair

The owner of the phone is a sweaty person. He often breaks the phone and replaces it as soon as he falls.This is the third mobile phone he has broken in the past six months, but his purse is limited

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